Duren DyeWorks

                                                                       a Yarn and Fiber Studio

     I have been crafting literally all my life starting when I was given a toy sewing machine when I was seven. My fraternal grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet while my maternal grandmother taught me to sew. Sewing for me has included prom dresses, wedding dresses, baby clothes, and quilts. During the early 90’s I was selling stuffed bunnies, cows, and even pigs in the ever classic color combo of French blue and mauve at the local craft fairs! After that I moved onto mohair bears for a short time. Now I am engaged in my current passion of fiber arts. I am the owner of Duren DyeWorks, an etsy shop where I sell my hand dyed yarns and fibers along with a small collection of hand spun yarns. I am an avid spinner and fleece collector. I have never smelled a raw fleece I haven’t loved!
     Lucky for me, my husband and high school sweetheart is completely supportive of my business and love of all things wooly. He is just as much a sheep lover as I am. We are new empty nesters now that our two daughters are married. I am looking forward to a new time in my life where the two of us can travel together and vend at various fiber fairs in our area.